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Published writing on music, composing, and creativity


Jul 14, 2021 ・I CARE IF YOU LISTEN・Media Essay

Conventional wisdom says that the emotional sensitivity associated with depression leads to increased creativity. But what if we've got it backwards?


Oct 25, 2019 ・Third Angle New Music・Media Essay

Building music from childhood memories, transcribing folk flute ornamentation, and researching the world's many Bird Islands


Oct 28, 2018 ・Wavefield Ensemble・Interview

Fragmented collage, historicization, authorial ambiguity, and creative origin in Helgeson's orchestral overture Echoes of Always


Nov 1, 2013 ・Perspectives of New Music・Journal Article

Harnessing concepts from phenomenology to analyze silence, sound, and perception in Italian composer Salvatore Sciarrino's Infinito Nero

Prepared Piano.jpg

Sep 8, 2012 ・John Cage Trust・Program Notes

Program notes for Stephen Drury's performance of 4'33", Etudes Australes, and other prepared and non-prepared piano works

Cage Birthday.jpg

Sep 7, 2012 ・John Cage Trust・Program Notes

Program notes for performances of John Cage's  percussion music by Percussion Group Cinncinati and redfishblue

Cage Branches.jpg

Sep 7, 2012 ・John Cage Trust・Program Notes

Program notes for John Cage's radio play on texts by James Joyce, Marcel Duchamp, and Erik Satie read by Gordon Mumma, Steven Schick, Irvine Arditti, Thomas Delio, and others

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